Girls w/ Anxiety

Rerelease Episode—Knowing Your Boundaries

July 06, 2021 Heike & Neggy
Girls w/ Anxiety
Rerelease Episode—Knowing Your Boundaries
Show Notes

This week on GWA we are rereleasing episode five, Knowing Your Boundaries.  We are talking about how it's okay to not do it all, our boundaries, and how asking for help is not a bad thing. It is such a great episode to see how far we have come with building our boundaries and the work we have put in to keep them. This topic is a common thread you will hear on GWA as we are always building and navigating new boundaries. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode again and if you haven't already listened, welcome... it's a great one!

Just a reminder, no new episodes will be released until August, so please in the meantime catch up on older episodes if you haven't already!     

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